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Julienne Cutter

Julienne Cutter


Julienne Cutter

  1. Lay your vegetable on a cutting board, if it is a harder vegetable such as carrot, use a fork to hold one end.
  2. Simply drag the julienne cutter down the length of the vegetable firmly so the vertical blades penetrate the vegetable.
  3. Repeat this process while slowly rotating the vegetable until you have finished.
  4. To clean the julienne cutter use a small brush to get built up vegetable matter from between the vertical blades.

Safety Handle Loading

  1. Lift the upturned safety handle to allow the cap part to drop down exposing the 6 metal prongs.
  2. With a rounded type of vegetable such as a tomato, potato or onion, simply press the vegetable onto the prongs as far as it will go.
  3. With a long type vegetable such as carrots and cucumbers, first decide whether you want long or short pieces.
  4. For long, insert the thicker end onto the prongs so that the vegetable only extends out one end of the safety handle. Approximately 15cms (6”) is a good length.
  5. If you want shorter pieces, don’t use the handle as first, but keep the end of the vegetable pressed against the palm of your hand so it can’t slip. Insert the vegetable onto the prongs of the safety handle when it is down to a manageable length. Same with cheese.
  6. Hold the safety handle against the slicer board so that the arrows are either side of the board. This will guard against the prongs hitting the blade when at the end of the vegetable.
  7. The cap part of the safety handle will automatically push the vegetable forward as you work.

Slicer Boards (2mm and 4mm thicknesses)

  1. Hold the board with the bottom against a bench surface or over a bowl. It may help to wet the board first to help the vegetable slide.
  2. Using the safety handle to hold your vegetable and making sure the arrows on the safety handle are at the sides, simply slide the vegetable over the blade in a quick action. The force is directed forwards, not downwards.
  3. Be sure to follow through, don’t stop the action before the cut is complete.

Strip slicer boards (1.6mm and 3mm thicknesses)

  1. With carrots, make sure it is loaded correctly onto the safety handle.
  2. Extend your fingers down the back of the board to help hold the board firmly.
  3. Slide the carrot forward quickly over the blades making sure you take the vegetable past the blades completely. This gives you a clean cut,- no feathery bits.
  4. Again, the force is forwards, not downwards.
  5. Also use cheese, raw beetroot, zucchini and cucumbers on these boards.

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Julienne Cutter

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