Dinki- Di Peeler – Large – Stainless Steel


Extra width for better shredding and slicing. Favoured by people with bigger hands.

Often favoured by men, this extra wide version of the Dinki-Di peeler fits comfortably into bigger hands. It will do all the same things as the regular size peeler does with a couple of advantages.
The 65mm wide blade will slice through a wider block of cheese.

Like all the Dinki-Di peelers, it will shred cabbage beautifully, and being wider the job will be done a lot faster. For the first time you will be able to prepare finely shredded cabbage salad or coleslaw quickly and without fuss. (see the demonstration video link).

Also slicing wider vegetables is possible with the extra width. You can achieve a wafer thin slice of onion, potato is you so desire. It is best to hold the vegetable using a fork to have better control when slicing these thicker vegetables.

The stainless steel models are best in dishwashers. With reasonable use they will last you for many, many years.

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