Dinki- Di Peeler – Regular – Polycarbonate Handle


Light weight and gentle on hands. Favoured by those coping with arthritis.

This neat little peeler is often favoured by people with soft hands, or people that may have strength problems such as those coping with arthritis.

The strong polycarbonate material used in the handle is very durable, more light weight and softer to the touch. Of course the blade is still stainless steel.  It still does everything the stainless steel one does, it’s just a light weight option.

This little “sports car” is a: potato peeler, pumpkin peeler, tomato peeler, apple peeler, cheese slicer, garlic slicer, cabbage shredder, onion peeler, onion slicer, carrot slicer, cucumber slicer, peels the zest off citrus fruits, even curls chocolate!

The secret is in the blade. The double edged serrated blade grips the surface of whatever you are working on. Between each point of the blade, there are two tiny blades on the inside of the V. If you add all these tiny blades together, you have a lot ore cutting edge than any straight bladed peeler. These two features, the gripping and the cutting, allow the blade to virtually guide itself so minimal strength and pressure are required.

The Dinki-Di Peeler and Slicer is the best peeler you will ever buy. In reasonable conditions it will last you for many, many years.

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