Dinki- Di Peeler – Regular – Stainless Steel


The Ultimate Vegetable Peeler- sturdy and versatile

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Our regular stainless steel peeler features the double edged serrated blade which allows you to cut in both directions- forwards and backwards. It is extremely effective on a wide variety of applications. The reason that it is so much better than the usual straight bladed peelers is that it grips the surface and virtually guides itself without the need for strength and pressure from the operator.

Between each point of the blade there are two tiny, sharp blades within the V. If you add all these up, you have a lot more cutting edge than a straight blade. These two feature, the gripping and the cutting, allow you to easy deal with vegetables that where previously difficult to peel.

Pumpkin (or squash) can have a very hard, woody skin. Once the points of the blade have penetrated the skin, the rest is easy (see the demonstration video link).

Soft fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, kiwi fruit or stoned fruit (peaches, plums etc.) can be peeled easily as there is very little pressure required (see demonstration link).

The other nice thing about this peeler is that it only takes off a thin skin so you are not wasting the best part of your fresh food.

Use the Dinki-Di peeler with a light touch and try to peel away from your other hand to avoid mishaps.

Follow the instructions provided on this site to learn how to slice cheese and vegetables too.

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