Safety Handle


Keeps your fingers safe when using the slicer boards. It pushes the vegetable forward as you work.

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The safety  handle is a ‘must have’ when using any of the slicer boards. If you already own  a slicer of some sort and need a replacement safety handle, this one will do  the job.

The design  of our safety handle is superior to most other brands on the market. Be sure to  push the vegetable well into the pins. Always keep the arrows at the side of  the slicer board. The safety handle features:

  • 6 stainless steel pins to hold the vegetable (long or round) firmly.

  • The cap is easy to hold. It pushes the vegetable all the way forward as you work.

  • The wide shield keeps your fingers well out of harms way.

  • It is designed so that the steel pins will not touch the blades of the slicer.

  • It can be taken apart for thorough cleaning.

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