Strip Slicer – 1 6 mm


Makes fine strips of carrot, beetroot or cheese. Wont bruise vegetables like regular graters.

The strip slicer boards can be used instead of a grater. They do a much better job because they don’t bruise the vegetable which causes it to go soft and lose its freshness quickly. The sharp blades allow you to do the job quickly and the result is much more attractive.

By tapping the board on a hard surface after use, any remaining food particles will come away easily so it is easy to rinse and maintain.

To make long strips of carrot for decoration, attach a 6-inch length of carrot to the safety handle. Do this by pressing the thicker end of the carrot onto the pins of the safety handle, then slide the carrot all the way along the board making sure the whole length is cut before returning for the next slice. Raw beetroot is attractive done this way too.


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