The Peeler Place: Kitchen Accessories

Home of the “Dinki-Di” Peeler and Slicer. Where you can find the worlds ultimate vegetable peeler.

Our peeler is not just a very good potato peeler, it will

  • Peel pumpkin and squash with easy
  • Peel tomatoes, kiwi fruit mangos and other soft fleshed fruit and vegetables.
  • Peel onions
  • Slice cheese thinly and evenly
  • Shred cabbage finely
  • Slice garlic
  • Slice onions, carrots, cucumbers, and all firm vegetables and fruits.

Our peeler is easy to use. The special serrated blade grips the vegetable skin so minimal pressure is required. Between each point on the blade there are two planes of blade giving it more cutting edge than any other peeler. The double edge allows you to work in both directions where possible saving time.

We have a great range of other kitchen helpers too.